Practical Proverbial, from Matthew, 7 March 2023. Today’s topic: Meekly Get Ready

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5

Did you realize that, if you’re humble, you’ll inherit heaven?   Heaven:   THE heaven.   The place where Jesus resides, where we go when we depart this earthly life and eagerly await, with Him, the new heaven and earth that He will bring at the end of time.   It’s not because of you:   it’s because He made it possible.   Humble faith is our only contribution.

My friend, Patrick, once taught a Bible study where he postulated that heaven would be brought back to earth.   It wasn’t just his speculation, even as a pastor.   He was interpreting Revelation 21, where John sees God bringing the new heaven and new earth to this earth.   In that, God was restoring this place He created to be the location where He would again reside, where He would again walk side by side with men and women; where we would live forever with Him in a new eternity adventure.

You know:   in heaven.   Brought here.   Once again, Jesus would come to us instead of us first coming to Him.   It’s how He rolls.

The key to getting there?   Believe in Jesus.   And how do we believe in Jesus?   His Spirit comes to us to inspire us.   When Holy Spirit confronts us, our natural posture should be humility.   Or, as Matthew said it, to be “meek.”  Humble, contrite, lowly,  modest, forbearing.   The fruit of God’s spirit has many attributes, but meekness is, perhaps, the most rewarding.   Out of a meek, humble demeanor comes kindness, patience, and the willingness to listen.   And to follow.   To follow Jesus.

Mind you:  this isn’t about something we DO.   It’s not about me; it’s not about us.   Jesus did everything to make heaven possible.   But, if we truly breathe in that knowledge, it becomes impossible to be arrogant or selfish about it.   Breathe in Jesus and it becomes impossible to stand in front of Him and not feel humble.   It’ll make you aware that He’s God and you aren’t, and that there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than with Him 24/7.  When you’re humble before Jesus, He sets you up to inherit, like a wealthy heir, all He has to offer.  Forever.

It’s a reasonable thing to believe that this place we call home will, one day, be restored to its divinely-imparted glory.  That this place will be where He once again lives and reigns, where we will live and work and rejoice with Jesus in person.  In today’s verse, Jesus paraphrases Psalm 37, where God spoke that the meek will inherit the land.   This beatitude drives it home that our humility, our meekness, is attractive to God as evidence that we believe in Him.  Our reward:   Him.   In Paradise forever.   Heaven.   Let’s meekly get ready now.

For more reading: Psalm 37:11, Romans 4:13, Revelation 21:1-21, Matthew 5:6

God, I long to be with you in heaven, to see You and behold You in paradise forever

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