Practical Proverbial, from Joel, 1 December 2022. Today’s topic: This Christmas

But Egypt will be desolate, Edom a desert waste, because of violence done to the people of Judah, in whose land they shed innocent blood. Joel 3:19

Think of it this way:   those who reject God will be desolate, a waste where nothing of value (think “love”) will grow.   If you spend your life rejecting Jesus (“I don’t need that in my life”), when God removes His hand of favor and His protection, you’re going to be left defenseless.  Please understand:   this is a harsh message to deliver.   It’s unpleasant to think about it at this time of year.

But we NEED to remember it, especially at Christmas.   The entire reason why we celebrate the birth of Jesus is because Jesus was born to save us.   He forgives all sins, admits us into God’s presence, preserves our lives, rescues us from our wrongdoings.  He did it by being born a man, living a man’s life, dying a man’s death, and resurrecting as the God (in the form of a man) who He is.

If you choose to reject that, thinking you don’t need Him now, you’re going to be left to the consequences of your choices.  You’re allying yourself with Satan, whose mission is to combat God by pulling you away from Him.   Satan spends his entire existence doing violence to God’s people.   It’s physical, it’s spiritual, it’s emotional, it’s mental.   It’s what he does and if you reject Jesus, you’re lining yourself up with him, helping his work in your own way.

When the time of judgment comes, it’s going to hurt you; it’s going to hurt worse than anything has ever hurt in your life.   When the loving and just Lord Jesus passes judgment on you and declares “I never knew you” (because you chose to never know Him), you’re going to realize that the rest of eternity will be spent without love.   It’s the fate that awaited every pagan kingdom (like Egypt or Edom) who ever aligned itself against God.   It’s what awaits every person, every entity, every government that does the same today.

So, merry Christmas.   Won’t you please consider something else, something better?  All it takes is going to Jesus and putting your faith in Him alone.   It’s private, between you and Him, not anyone else.  If you do, you get to start letting go of the hurt, the pain, of your sins against God.  You learn a better focus.  You get eternity now and eternity later.   It’s a far better way to live this life than anything you knew before.

And if you don’t?  See verse 19.   See Matthew 7:21-23.

It’s the first of December.   Christmas is coming.   Easter is only a few months after that.   There’s no better time to think, “what do I believe?”   So, what do you believe?  Who will you follow this Christmas?

For more reading: Isaiah 11:14, Isaiah 19:1, Jeremiah 51:35, Obadiah 10, Matthew 7:21-23, Joel 3:20

Lord Jesus, I believe in You alone.   I follow You alone.   Always.

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