Practical Proverbial, from Joel, 21 November 2022. Today’s topic: At That Valley

“Let the nations be roused; let them advance into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, for there I will sit to judge all the nations on every side. Joel 3:12

We come back to the Valley of Jehoshaphat, where Jesus will judge all the nations at the throne judgment (go back to verse 2).  Leading up to this, the armies of the world, led by Satan himself, will march against God’s people on the plains of Megiddo.   Armageddon.   The largest armies ever assembled on this planet will meet in what promises to be a titanic battle for all of human history.  At the climactic moment, Christ will return, with the weapon of truth – His word – coming from His mouth and defeating the legions of evil.  They will fall without effort; they will fall powerless before the Lord when He begins to speak.  From there, the defeated armies will be cast into eternal damnation.

And then, all nations, all peoples, will be gathered together.   The penultimate moment in time will have arrived.  The dead will be raised, and all humanity who ever lived will be judged.   He will see into our hearts, past and present, and judge us as we are.   Did we/do we believe in Him or not?  Did we believe and share our faith in some way, or did we horde it like a miser?  Did we choose to take up His sword of the Lord and stand on the side of Christ, or did we choose to go our own way?  

Jesus will see, and He will judge.

That will be decided in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, the “valley of decision,” where our crowning decision in this life will be judged by Jesus to determine our eternal reward.  Frightening?  Intimidating?   Sure, it is, a little at least.   Decide now, in this life, today even, if you’re going to be frightened by it or look forward to it.   Satan is much stronger than me, or you, or any of us alone.   But when we’re partnered with Jesus, Satan is a powerless imp, a spiritual nobody who isn’t as threatening as a mosquito.   Putting our faith in Christ means that, when we advance into the Valley of Decision to stand in front of Jesus, all the times Satan deceived and acted through us won’t matter.

So what will you believe?   Will you believe that you can do this world on your own?   That’s what Satan tells you, and he’s the father of lies who’s been lying from before this world was created. 

Or will you believe that Jesus is Lord, the only Savior, and that we are powerless without His forgiveness and mercy?   That He completely won salvation in His death and resurrection.  Will you believe that our first, best task in this world is to love the Lord, then love our neighbors? 

Decide now, while there’s time, before we arrive at that Valley.

For more reading:  Psalm 82:1, Isaiah 2:4, John 8:44, Joel 3:13Lord Jesus, I believe only in You

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