Practical Proverbial, from Joel, 6 October 2022. Today’s topic: Jesus Returns Fire

Even the wild animals pant for you; the streams of water have dried up and fire has devoured the pastures in the wilderness. Joel 1:20

This past Sunday, my friend, Andy, preached about putting on the full armor of God so that we are defended fully by the power of Jesus.   We need to do that because it’s Jesus who fights for us; it’s Jesus who wins the daily, minute by minute, battles against sin, death, and Satan.   Those are regular, very real battles that happen to us.   They happen inside us; they happen all around us.   They happen because Satan wants to do anything to pull us away from the Lord.   Satan throws fire all day long.   We need God’s armor to protect us.

And, against the Lord, Satan is powerless.   His fire scorches, burns, even destroys.  It’s starvation, and dread disease; hurricanes and earthquakes; inner city crime and suburban apathy. But know this:   the best the world has to offer is under the control of the Lord.   All things work for the glory of God, who abides with us, giving us His peace and strength even as Satan attacks nature around us. At the end of all things, it will be the Lord’s fire that purify, instead of destroy, everything.

Satan can only do what he’s allowed to do.   He can’t overcome God, so he attacks the creation.  That’s us, and everything around us that is corrupted by sin.  When mankind fell, all creation was affected, including forests, streams, animals, fishes; everything.  Yet the innate nature still yearns for God, yearns to be with Him, to commune with Him, to have Him walk through the garden in the cool of the day.  After all, it wasn’t me who said the deer pants for the water the way our souls pant for God.

If man’s fall into sin so drastically affected nature, have you ever considered that man’s redemption by Jesus also affected nature?   Sin, death, and Satan still battle against God in the realms of the world, but I sometimes think that nature actually rejoices every time Jesus scores a win.   Every time someone comes to faith, somewhere in nature, a flower blooms, a stream flows clean, a bird sings a song.   Biblical in nature?   Maybe; maybe not.   If it isn’t true, though, why does Satan attack so much more than just us? 

He’s only powerful for a little while.   In time, his evil will be defeated.  Until then, wear God’s armor proudly to protect yourself.  You’re under attack now, and Satan attacks without mercy.   Stand with Jesus, in your armor, as His return fire overcomes the enemy.

For more reading:  Genesis 3:8, 1 Kings 17:7, Psalm 42:1, Psalm 104:21, Joel 2:1

Lord God, scour out the sin in my life with Your holy fire.   Restore the soil.   Rejuvenate nature, and plant Your love to grow in the place You alone can make new.

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