Practical Proverbial, from Galatians, 29 March 2022. Today’s topic: All By Himself

A mediator, however, implies more than one party; but God is one.  Galatians 3:20 (NIV).

When someone mediates between two people, more than one person is involved; this is an obvious thing.  And, while individuals may be represented by only single attorneys, when two or more people are involved in a legal dispute (especially mediation), generally, two or more attorneys becom involved.

Not so with Jesus.   He does it all by Himself.

Jesus represents both sides in a legal argument.   In the case of God against you (or me), where God charges us (rightfully) with the sins we commit in this life, Jesus, our attorney, argues for us that He already suffered the punishment for what we did.   That we are not guilty because of what He did.  At the same time, Jesus, fully God, remains holy so that He (and only He) can impart justice and impute righteousness to us as the graceful restitution for what we did.  By what He did on the cross, we are innocent of all the evil we have thought, said, or done here even as He remains pure.

All by Himself.

I think about the scene in the last Harry Potter movie, when Voldemort appears to have won (but has, unwittingly, been brought to the edge of defeat) and he confronts the rebels at Hogwarts.   He gloats, “from now on, you put your faith in me.”   Don’t you just know that so many people did just that.   That so many put their faith in evil because evil gives recognizable short-term rewards.

Don’t you know, too, that it isn’t just some story; that it applies to our lives as well   We put our faith in our own talents, abilities, ambitions, whatever, and exchange the beautiful grace of Christ for the temporary reward of ugly things.   When it comes time to settle accounts with the Lord – and everyone will do just that – we stand in front of Him and are either found innocent or condemned based on where our hearts have truly been.  

All through it, there’s Jesus who, all by Himself, paid the price for our shabby sins, our shabby treatment of God’s gifts.   All by Himself He atoned for every sin of every one of the billions who have ever lived.   All by Himself He continues to argue for us, advocating for us, for the Father to have mercy for His sake.   But for the blood of the cross, we would be found guilty.   But because of that blood, He declares us “not guilty” because He already took the spiritual death that we earned with each rebellious “no.”

For further reading: 1 Timothy 2:5, Hebrews 8:6, Hebrews 9:15, Hebrews 12:24, Galatians 3:21

Father, have mercy on me for the sake of Your holy Son, Jesus.   Forgive my sins and grant me Your merciful, beautiful forgiveness and peace.   Teach me today to share these with others.

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