Practical Proverbial, from Galatians, 15 February 2022. Today’s topic: Valentine Law of Liberty

 “For through the law I died to the law so that I might live for God.  Galatians 2:19 (NIV).

A few more words about ‘the law.’   Yesterday, we talked about how the laws of Moses were fulfilled, then superseded, by the law of liberty.   What exactly is that ‘law of liberty?’   It’s only one of the most important things in the universe.

The law of liberty – spiritual emancipation through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus – gave rise to what is best in humanity.   Legal liberty, freedom, western democracy, the Reformation and the Enlightenment, representative republican government, equality before the law, legal justice:   all of these things spring from the sacrifice of Jesus at Calvary.   True, all of them have legal underpinnings in laws and traditions going back to the Code of Hammurabi, the Ten Commandments, the codes of Greece and Rome, and others.   But it is ONLY the law of liberty made possible by Christ that made those things a reality in the world we know today.   Legal code coerces behavior.   Jesus changed hearts.

Now, yesterday, when (according to the Beatles) love was such an easy game to play.   Yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  To be honest, I don’t particularly care about the origin of the holiday, whether it was Catholic or pagan.   I don’t care that Hallmark Cards (and the Hallmark Channel) make lots of money on the holiday.  And I don’t care that some Christian groups call it “I Love You Day” instead of Valentine’s.   I.  Just.  Don’t.  Care.

What I do care very much about is that we take one day out of a year to celebrate love.   That means we’re taking one day out of the year to revel in the law of liberty.   Let’s go back to the idea that the law of liberty that James refers to is the freedom to choose Jesus.  Because Christ was free to choose to give His life as a ransom for us, we are free to choose to live for Him in return.

Boom!   THAT is worth a holiday celebration.   That is a true Valentine, Christmas gift, Easter promise, and Independence declaration all rolled up in one.  If you follow Jesus, though, you celebrate this every day.   You’re free to, thanks to the law of His liberty.

We are free to choose.   We are free to let God and let go at any minute of our lives.   We need not be shackled to the chains of an old law whose purpose was to make us aware of impending doom. We get it; we got the message.   Jesus delivered it and slammed the door shut on that old law.  He replaced it with a new birth of freedom, a law of liberty and devotion because of His free salvation and the freedom that following Him brings.  

For further reading: James 1:23-25, Galatians 2:20

Happy day, Lord!   Thank You for Your law of liberty!

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