Practical Proverbial, from Obadiah, 18 January 2021 Today’s topic: Defeating Teman

Your warriors, Teman, will be terrified, and everyone in Esau’s mountains will be cut down in the slaughter.  Obadiah 9 (NIV).

At the end of all time, the greatest military ever will be incapable of firing back at the Lord.  When Jesus returns, all the assembled weapons of the most highly trained armies on the earth will be powerless against the quietest words of Jesus on His white horse of triumph.  When the King of Kings returns to end the order of sin, the defenders of sin will already have been defeated even as they won’t have a clue about it.

In our time, the most powerful military on the planet is that of my beloved United States.   No force on earth has overcome it; with nuclear deterrence, conventional firepower, technological edge, and continuous training, even in a time when the incoming government promises to slash the Department of Defense, the United States military is still considered to be the most powerful anywhere.  I am prouder than I can say (and maybe than I should be) to call myself a veteran of this immense brotherhood.

And, without parallel, the most agile and ready-for-anything force in any military must certainly be that of the Israeli Defense Forces.   Undefeated since 1947 and ready at a moment’s notice to overcome any aggression by any threat, the IDF is considered to be the best of the best.  The larger and more powerful militaries of hostile nations around Israel are consistently leery of provoking Israel and for good reason.

I congratulate every other military on the planet for being chosen as a runner-up in this highly subjective assessment.

Yet (if there is a United States at the end of time) if you pair up the US military and the IDF, both would be defeated by a word from the mouth of Jesus when He returns.  It won’t be close, and it won’t even be anything new.

Edom was powerful in the time of Obadiah.   It had been a mighty nation since the days of its founding father, Esau.   According to Wikipedia, the Teman clan was the dominant Edomite clan in the lands south and east of Israel (in present day Jordan and Saudi Arabia).  And, according to Obadiah, the Lord vowed to destroy it because Teman/Edom had forsaken Him when Israel was taken into captivity. 

Given that many US forces still guard Saudi Arabia, it would be like God defeating the US military.  For the sake of honoring God, one would hope our forces never come to that. Yet, if that is what God wills for the end of time, it will happen without effort.   God cannot be defeated.

For further reading: Psalm 137:7, Ezekiel 25:12-14, Joel 3:19, Amos 1:11-12, Obadiah 10

Lord God, thank You for humbling even our mighty armies of the world.   Let it be as You will.

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