Practical Proverbial, from Obadiah, 14 January 2021 Today’s topic: More Godder Than God

“In that day,” declares the Lord, “will I not destroy the wise men of Edom, those of understanding in the mountains of Esau?”  Obadiah 8 (NIV).

God can easily thwart the intelligence, the knowledge, the pride, and any achievement by mankind.  If you noodle that thought enough, I think you’ll find it was one of the factors the serpent of Eden had in mind when he tempted Eve and Adam to betray God.   Denying the simple idolatry of thinking “I know better than you, Lord” means denying the undeniable knowledge that God can thwart either the simplest or most complex thoughts and things that any person can produce.

Another way of saying that might be, “He’s God and I’m ‘Godder’.”

That never works out well.  It doesn’t because we have to acknowledge this has always been so.   And it will be so at the end of time.   In Obadiah 8, God foretells of the day when He will overthrow Edom.   Granted, that already happened once; many centuries ago, in fact.   Yet any honest reading of this verse must remember that God is also foretelling of the day when He will overthrow ALL sin.   That’s a two-step process.   Step one was accomplished the minute Jesus opened His eyes in the garden tomb.

Step two is still in progress.   It’ll be completed when Jesus returns.   He will overthrow evil for the last time.   On that day, even the craftiest among us won’t be able to talk their way out.  Even the bravest and most foolhardy will feel compelled to kneel.   Even the most rebellious will be silenced by the perfection of Him.   Even the worst of sinners will be judged with the best people ever.  Pope, prince, and pauper will all stand equal before the King of Kings, who knows what we believe deep inside.

After that, those who put their hearts in Jesus will live on with His blessings.   Those who didn’t?  It won’t be pleasant.   They’ll live, but without the blessings of love, hope, or peace.   It’ll burn worse than they could ever imagine, and that’ll be an awful way to spend eternity.  Let’s hope Jesus has a way around it that He didn’t tell us.  And if He doesn’t, then let’s hope they – and we – came to their senses before.

Because, to reiterate once more, we are each an Edomite.   We are each high and proud and think ourselves better than God.   More “Godder,” than Him, if you will.  The apostle Paul called himself “chief of sinners” so that we might each realize we’re no better.   We deserve the fate of Edom:   to be desolated and forgotten for all time.  Knowing that, let’s not waste another day.

For further reading: Job 5:12, Isaiah 29;14, Obadiah 9

Forgiving Lord Jesus, I’m a sinner.   I’ve thought, said, and done terrible things.   Forgive me.   I need You.   Only You can forgive.

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