Practical Proverbial, from 2 Peter, 9 November 2020. Today’s topic: Expect It

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But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything done in it will be laid bare.  2 Peter 3:10 (NIV).

Here’s another one of those famous Bible verses that even unbelievers have probably heard.   Several verses mention the end of the world happening ‘like a thief.’   It’s not that God would break into your home, or steal from you, or threaten you.  Instead, the meaning is inferred that it will happen when it isn’t expected.  Yet, more important than that is remembering how thieves, heavens, elements, earth, everything done in them, the Bible, unbelievers and even believers all have one thing in common.

They (and we) are all created.

Yes, the last day will come only when God the Father knows.   Jesus said even He didn’t know, and neither did Their Spirit.   It is a knowledge the Father keeps only to Himself and the others choose to allow to be so.   When it happens, it will be unexpected.   It will shock us.  Like most things, after it happens, it will all make perfect sense.  We’ll be able to see how it happened just when it should, just as it should.  But the initial time of it will come when we don’t expect it.

And we will see how God the majestic three-in-one puts all creation back under Himself.   More specifically, He will restore all that He created by stripping away the corruption of sin.   Humanity’s sins; our ancestors’ sins; our sins.   The consequences of them will be ended and God will wipe away the dirt of corruption.   He’ll then replace it with what was originally created.

Creation to creation.  For His sake, for our benefit.  He who spoke it all into existence out of love will speak it into redemption out of love.   Don’t be surprised at that.   Not only did he foretell it:   He’s done it before.   After all, for thousands of years He provided for His chosen people, despite their continuous rebellions, and set the stage for the arrival of His Son, their Savior.   He told them through hundreds of prophecies.  Now, for thousands of years since then, He has patiently arranged all time and creation in advance of His return.  He told us in His Word.

And when He returns, it will be with sound and righteous fury to re-institute His universe of love.   To those who’re unprepared, it will sound terrifying.   To those who’ve accepted His Savior Son, it’s a day to look forward to.   Where do you find yourself?

After all, this verse isn’t hidden.   It’s been around for two thousand years.   Jesus has been waiting that long for you to meet Him, for Him to reach out to you.   We should expect it.

For further reading:  Matthew 24:35, Hebrews 12:27, Revelation 21:1, 2 Peter 3:11

Lord Jesus, I look forward to Your return with excitement and anticipation.   Please use my life now to help others know You so that they, too, may feel the same way.

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