Practical Proverbial, from 2 Peter, 22 October 2020. Today’s topic: Only Faith That Saves

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If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and are overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning.  2 Peter 2:20. (NIV).

A friend of mine converted FROM Christianity to Islam.   In an era where (literally) millions of disillusioned Muslims are converting to faith in Jesus, my friend repudiated her faith in divine Christ and subscribed it to Islam.  She did it to marry a Muslim man, but she exercises her faith in Allah much more devoutly than most Christians show theirs in Christ.  When we worked together in Minnesota, several times per day she would disappear behind the office cube walls.   Once I walked back to see what was happening and I found her praying towards Mecca.   To tell you the truth, I admire her devotion even as I know it is misplaced.

She practices her faith so devoutly, so earnestly, and she speaks honestly of peace and how practicing Islam brings her relief.  She told me once that she never got that feeling from Christianity, and that she saw many more like-minded devotees in Islam than she ever saw as a Christian.   Living in (now) Muslim south Minneapolis allows her to stay in a cloister while still being in the world.   She raises her children in the faith and they are part of an extended family that, before the events of this year, was beyond compare.   I don’t know what it’s like now, given that riots shook the neighborhoods around hers.  Like I said, I admire her practice.  

And it’s a shame – an eternal shame – that her faith is misplaced.  Allah cannot save her.   Allah is not the Triune God.   Whatever Islam is, it isn’t the way of Jesus and, because of that, it leads to damnation. Talking about these things isn’t some child’s game of “my faith is better than your faith.”   That would dishonor the true God.  No, this is simply the truth.

God allows us complete free will, even including the free choice to disavow Him.  When we do that, the enemy is invited in.   Sure, the enemy may come bearing alleged peace and flowers, but flowers die and peace without the victory of Jesus’ salvation is simply the absence of open warfare.   The enemy actually wars against us by many other means.   When we empty our hearts of Christ, the demons set against us are free to move in.   When they do, they wreck us worse than we were before.   There’s a better way.

I hope that doesn’t happen to my friend.   She’s one of the most competent people I’ve ever worked with.   In this challenging time, I pray that she comes back to the true faith in Jesus Christ.

For further reading:  Matthew 12:45, 2 Peter 2:21

Lord Jesus, preserve and forgive us when we turn away from You.   Take care of my friend.

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